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From the Directors, Managers and Staff!

Tall Ships, Sunderland

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Sunderland Strategic Route

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This Christmas message is largely to convey our thanks and best wishes for your continued support, and to place a marker in the festive snow to say that we’ll continue to learn and develop in accordance with industry demands and commercial expectation. We feel that family values are the glue that binds the Company and these sentiments are always strongest at Christmas. Without doubt there have been many highpoints this year, with the occasional low thrown in for good measure. We try to do our best regardless of circumstance to achieve the desired standard and are fortunate to have a loyal and experienced workforce.

Key points in our journey this year has been some large scale, prestigious and complex projects, such as the supply of ground investigation services on the Strategic Route and Tall Ships schemes for City of Sunderland. Besides these schemes being critical to the continued growth and economic well-being of Sunderland, they are also important for the Northeast region and linked investment programmes. More recently we have been heavily involved at the former Redcar Steel Works for SSTC. During our formative years (1988 to the mid 1990’s) the Company’s success was aligned closely with the large scale redevelopment programmes centred around the Tyne and Tees Rivers. It is a pleasure to be in the frontline of these developments once more, an opportunity to contribute further to the building of the Northeast and to enrich our environment. Our focus will be to expand personnel and our plant compliment in the New Year, which should assist us in being more responsive to investigation demands as well as to enhance our capabilities. We always value our Clients, wholeheartedly welcome opportunities for early contractor involvement, individual tailored to the project size or its complexity, and consider that these characteristics are crucial parts of our DNA.

We feel that we have made some significant progress over the course of the year and have addressed the challenges of both feast and famine which regularly prevail within the industry. From a safety perspective we’ve had no serious adverse events, no HSE reportable incidents and our vehicle statistics are markedly down on those for 2016. Not to tempt fate, but we feel our safety, quality and management systems are showing continuing progress and assisting us meet our targets. Above all else we continue to operate throughout the UK as an independent ground investigation contractor, providing a viable alternative to our larger competitors; this includes reliance on our own in-house plant and trained operatives to cover a wide range of services. In tandem we have incorporated these services under our commitment to ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 as well as our long-standing UKAS accreditation for geotechnical laboratory services.

Here’s to a wonderful Christmas and a New Year that has plenty of opportunities for all.

Keith, Kevin and Nick

May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill,
and the year ahead be full of opportunity and progress.

Have a Merry Christmas and many thanks for your continued support.