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Response & Update to Coronavirus Pandemic

There is little doubt that these are unprecedented times for the UK, our clients and suppliers, the Company and equally importantly our employees. In accordance with government advice and, as a direct consequence of our duty of care to our stakeholders, we are implementing measures to strengthen our ability to continue operations and mitigate for the scenarios that are likely to occur in the following months. Our principal priority (subject to governmental intervention) will be to maintain a fully operational business throughout this period by applying a Management Strategy which is proportionate and fluid to the challenges that Covid-19 will create. Our infrastructure and resources to provide high quality investigation services are robust and will remain so as a result of the detailed emergency planning that has been undertaken at the highest levels within the Company. 

The following provides a summary of our current status:


Our emergency management team (a leading representative from each of the departments) will meet as frequently as circumstances demand to review and introduce additional measures to protect the business (our employees) and address client requirements at all stages of the evolution of the pandemic. 

We are keeping a keen eye on government guidance and incorporating such measures into our working strategies. Non-essential business travel has been suspended (in favour of video or teleconferencing), hygiene practices have been reinforced and virus risk reduction cleaning regimes within our offices introduced. Shift patterns have been implemented to reduce the number of employees at work at any one time to 50% (of normal levels) in order to limit social interaction within our office workplaces - this includes a non-proximity approach.

In the near future home working (where such is practicable) will be introduced, although this will be fairly limited due to the nature of the business. Nevertheless, the goal is to try and maximise this facility to reduce office occupancy and to develop new protocols to increase the effectiveness of this method of business interaction.

The Company, as part of the Raeburn Group, also benefits from broader based and multi-region resources, which offer a greater level of resilience and present opportunities to manage client demand effectively, as well as responsibly, throughout the UK.


Every business will face pronounced challenge during the forthcoming months, no doubt with twists and turns few could reasonably predict before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. Whereas we do not have all the answers, we have confidence in our employees and can provide assurance that all practicable measures will be taken to remain responsive to clients without compromising the health and well-being of our stakeholders. We do, however, rely on investigation work being required by tender or direct award by others within the industry. Should you wish to discuss your future projects with us, or work which is currently scheduled, please do not hesitate to contact us on

UPDATE 13.04.2020

Currently the status of the Company remains good and site operations are continuing as planned, although some external pressures are being felt. These external pressures principally relate to the availability of suitable accommodation where we have been involved in site operations in other areas of the UK. We will continue to manage this situation as best as practicable as the Covid-19 situation develops. 

UPDATE 27.04.2020 

The Company remains open to business although the Covid-19 situation has presented, and will continues to present, many challenges to our commercial operations. Activity within the industry has, however, slowed considerably over the last four weeks and this factor alone has become our largest element of concern, particularly as the UK lockdown continues. Based on current projections workload is set to reduce significantly over the next two weeks and consequently there is a high probability that we'll have to consider a temporary Company closure. It is hoped that during the temporary closure, over a projected period of three weeks, accessible investigation workload will hopefully have a chance to coalesce. Should a closure be necessary a number of Company employees will remain at their stations to ensure that essential commercial communication channels remain open and Clients can still contact us. Further status updates will be provided in due course.

UPDATE 01.05.2020

Due to business continuity issues relating to the COVID-19 situation it has been reluctantly decided to temporarily suspend Company operations for a minimum of 3 weeks commencing from Thursday, 7th May 2020. It is hoped that this temporary suspension will allow the site investigation industry some time to regroup and workload to develop.

During this period you may contact the following Company personnel should you need assistance: 

* New tenders, contract work, on-going site projects:

* Technical enquiries, laboratory, reports:

* Finance, invoicing, creditors, applications for payment:

* Health and safety, general enquiries:

* Business continuity, general management:

It should also be noted that our web page contact email at  can also be used to send general enquiries during this period. Our business telephone will periodically be monitored, during times where the key personnel mentioned are at our Head Office (Chester-le-Street).  In the meantime we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to our Clients and those projects currently being processed will resumed immediately on our return. 

UPDATE 29.05.2020

Our short period of furlough (c. 4 weeks) has now come to an end with full services phased to be restored from the 1st June 2020. This phased approach, particularly with respect to site operations, will reflect the current level of commercial commitments we have in the pipeline. The soils laboratory service will, however, be fully operational, albeit over a two-shift system in order to comply and manage the UK physical distancing guidelines.

Thank you to all our Clients who have been extremely patient, and essentially in the process, supported a difficult commercial decision which was born out of these unprecedented times in order to protect our financial situation. We are hoping for continuity of business as the country rebuilds and returns to some form of normality after lockdown.

Anyway, we're back and looking eagerly towards new enquiries, as well as dealing with project workload that has reluctantly been deferred as a direct consequence of furlough. We look forward to receiving your calls and new enquiries from the 1st June.

Our resource and employee status are provided in the following STATUS PANELS.  



Number of employees that are currently engaging in self-isolation activies to be on the safe side.



Number of employees currently with confirmed Covid-19 infections - note information has a delay of one week. 



Status represents the capacity at which the Company is currently operating to and will be updated each week.